Calhoun Housing Authority
Smoke-Free Policy Frequently asked questions

Why is Calhoun Housing Authority making the buildings smoke-free?

CHA is committed to providing safe, decent, and sanitary housing and this policy helps fulfill this commitment by protecting the health and safety of residents, visitors, and employees.

Everyone should be able to breathe clean, safe air, but unfortunately, the survey recently conducted of our residents showed that the nonsmokers living in this authority are getting smoke inside their apartments from somewhere in or around their buildings.

There is no risk-free level of exposure to secondhand smoke, and smoldering cigarettes is the cause of one in ten apartment fires.

Tobacco smoke is difficult and costly to clean because it sticks to walls, appliances, and carpeting.  This will help keep cost down for everyone.

When does it take effect?

The projected date is July 01, 2014.  As of July 01, 2014 all properties belonging to the Calhoun Housing Authority will be Smoke-Free.  There will be no exceptions and any family or individual that violates the new No Smoking Policy will be in jeopardy of being evicted.

What does the Smoke-Free Policy cover?

On the date listed above, smoking will no longer be allowed at the following places:

Inside and outside all buildings and units belonging to the CHA – this includes inside individual units, patios, hallways, lobbies, etc.

The entire grounds of the CHA – indoors and outdoors – are going to be Smoke Free.

Do I still have to comply if I live in a single-family home?

Yes, because secondhand smoke increases both cleaning costs and fire risks, and all CHA property is included in the policy whether it is a single-family home or not.  This will also protect future residents from second hand smoke that remains trapped in the home even after it has been thoroughly cleaned.

Where can I smoke?

After July 01, 2014 you may not smoke anywhere on the property.  You have to leave the property before you can smoke.

Does this rule apply to visitors and staff too?

Yes.  The smoke-free policy applies to everyone on the property.  This includes residents, visitors, CHA staff, home-health care workers, cleaning services, utility workers, contractors and vendors.

If I don’t smoke, is there anything I need to do?

Yes.  You are responsible for letting all your visitors and guests know about the smoke-free policy.  You should also notify CHA staff anytime there is an incident of smoking or secondhand smoke drifting in your unit.  (See the next two questions for details of how to notify CHA staff about possible violations.)

What do I do if I see someone smoking where they shouldn’t?

Please make note of all the details of the incident, like the date, time, where you saw it and a description of who it was.  You can give this information to the CHA staff or send it anonymously to:  Calhoun Housing Authority, 607 Oothcalooga St., Calhoun, Georgia 30701.

What do I do if I smell smoke but don’t know where it is coming from?

Unfortunately, Calhoun HA can’t guarantee that smoke will never get into your home, but we do want to try to prevent it whenever it is possible.  If you smell smoke, but don’t know where it is coming from, write down the date, time, and where you smell the smoke.  You can give this information to the CHA Housing Manager, or send it anonymously to:  Calhoun Housing Authority, 607 Oothcalooga St., Calhoun, Georgia 30701.

How can Calhoun Housing Authority tell me what I can do in my own home?

Some-free rules are in the same category as “no pets” and “no loud noise” rules.  They are legal policies that reduce property damage and protect the safety of residents and visitors.

The rule is about the smoke, not the smoker.  The smoke-free policy will not force anyone to quit smoking-only regulate where residents are allowed to smoke.

What are the penalties for breaking the smoke free policy?

The first violation will result in a $100.00 fine.

The second violation will result in a $300.00 fine.

The third violation will result in termination from the program and the tenant will be required to pay the cost for painting and cleaning the areas affected by smoking.

Will the Calhoun Housing Authority help me quit smoking if I want to?

While the smoke-free policy is not forcing anyone to quit, Calhoun Housing Authority realizes that some residents might want to take this opportunity to quit smoking.

Residents interested in quitting can sign up for a quit group at the main office.  Once eight or more residents sign up, a quit group can be held on-site.

Free quit kits are also available in rental office for interested quitters.  The quit kit includes information that will walk you through the quit process.  It includes information on topics like getting ready to quit, stress management, and nutrition.

Where can I get more information?

If you still have questions, talk to your housing manager.


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