Patricia Gail Brown, Executive Director


Message from the director

Who is ready for Summer?  We are!!!  It is almost upon us and we are eagerly awaiting its arrival.  Seniors are graduating from High School and we congratulate each and every one of the students for their hard work and accomplishments.  For all of our students we have many activities planned for our summer break this year, along with more Capital Fund work to provide our residents with the best neighborhoods possible. 
For our students, our Imagination Station is still planning all sorts of activities for the children aged 5 through 12 this summer.  There will be gardening, arts and crafts, sports activities, field trips and much more.  Miss Beth is already planning another pool party/water slide event with food and other activities as well.  Please check with Miss Mary Mays at (706) 629-2128 for more information about all of our upcoming events.  Any parents that would like to volunteer please contact Miss Mary or Miss Beth.
For our adults, Miss Beth (706) 263-6737 is still offering free assistance with resume building, job training, food stamps and has information about parenting classes that are currently in session.   Additional classes will be offered during the summer if we have continued interest.  Keep in mind, the parenting classes and resume building activities will be credit towards community service hours as well.  The organization (LEJO) is still meeting in the 681 Pine St. Community building and offering Spanish classes for those interested.  Please call or contact Belene Reyes for more information in regards to her programs and activities (706) 625-0658.
Our Board of Commissioners adopted a new Strategic Plan this year and the Calhoun Housing Authority partnered with the City of Calhoun to apply for a CDBG grant.  If we receive the grant you will see another 11 units receive a full kitchen and bath modernization.  We have also applied for a Safety and Security grant and if we are awarded the funds we will have new doors and security cameras installed in our family neighborhoods.  We are also working on additional development grants and will keep all residents informed as we proceeds.  I encourage all residents to attend the family and senior resident association meetings to stay informed as to upcoming events for this Public Housing Authority.
As I always say, our residents are our number one focus and we are here to support you and your family.

Wishing you and your family the very best!
Gail Brown, Executive Director