New Foundations Development, Inc

New Foundations Development, Inc. was created by the Calhoun Housing Authority to perform activities within Gordon County to upgrade and expand the local housing inventory. Over the past year, New Foundations Development, Inc. with the help of local contractors and the City of Calhoun and Gordon County Building Inspectors completed over 30 home rehabilitation projects for local home owners.  The program has started off successfully and we expect to help many more homeowners in the future. 
In 2014- New Foundations Development, Inc. has partnered with local banks – NorthSide Bank of Calhoun and North Georgia National Bank to offer housing assistance and rehabilitation products to the Veterans returning from a Conflict and Retired Veterans living in Gordon and Bartow Counties. The products NFD is currently offering for 2014 are listed below:
Veterans and Returning Veterans
New Foundations Development, Inc. works with the Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta and is offering the Veterans Rehabilitation Product and Returning Veteran Rehabilitation Product which provides up to $13,000 for weatherization and energy efficient improvements of an existing owner-occupied home. Eligible improvements include exterior doors, HVAC systems, insulation, water heaters, roof, windows, low-flow plumbing fixtures, and more. This program is for Veterans who have served in the United States Military or their surviving spouses. This program is for residents of Gordon or Bartow County, Georgia.
Product Highlights:

  • Maximum subsidy is $13,000 per borrower
  • Home must be owner-occupied and used as the borrower's primary residence
  • Borrower must have at least 30 days of ownership by a life estate or a full interest in the fee title

Accessibility Rehabilitation
New Foundations Development, Inc. Provides up to $13,000 to pay for accessibility improvements of an existing owner-occupied home. Eligible improvements include exterior ramps and sidewalks, bathroom and kitchen renovations, door widening, floor replacement, and more.
New Foundations Development, Inc. will be accepting applications for the Veteran’s program as long as funds are available.  Contact Carol Hatch at 706-629-9183 to make an appointment.

Items Needed from Applicants Interested in Participating in Veterans Rehabilitation Product:


Copy of Current Orders, or a DD214


Letter from Social Security Office – Award Letter


VOE Letter or Last 30 days of Payroll check stubs in consecutive order


Deed to Property/ Proof of Homeowners Insurance


Last two (2) Checking/Savings Account Statements


Child Support Stmt/Divorce Decree/Separation Agreement


Retirement from VA/Military/School System etc


Surviving Spouses also need Marriage License and Death Certificate

By appointment only!
Please contact Carol Hatch at 706-629-9183 to make an appointment to start the application process.