About the Calhoun Housing Authority

The Calhoun Housing Authority for the City of Calhoun, Georgia (also known as the Calhoun Housing Authority) is located in Calhoun-Gordon County, Georgia.  On September 6, 1950, the Calhoun Housing Authority was organized for the purpose of providing safe, affordable housing for low to moderate-income families in Calhoun and Gordon County.  Today the Housing Authority consists of 249 apartments at seven different sites. 

Eligibility for the apartments is based on the individual or family's annual income. Rent options are available in two forms - income based or a flat rent.  Income based rent is calculated at 30% of adjusted income.  Adjusted income is calculated by using gross income less a senior citizen deduction of $400.00 or for children under the age of 18 years a $480.00 deduction and finally a utility deduction.  Medical and childcare deductions may also be used if applicable. 

The Calhoun Housing Authority helps families and individuals with low incomes achieve greater stability and self-reliance by providing safe affordable quality housing and links to community services

The Housing Authority Board of Commissioners who are appointed by the mayor and in cooperation with the Executive Director over see the financial, management, and physical condition of the federally subsidize apartments. The Board of Commissioners meets monthly.  All meetings are open to the public. 

The Housing Authority operates under the supervision of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  The Authority is evaluated annually through the Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS), a method used by HUD for evaluating the successful operation of the housing authority.  Each year the Calhoun Housing Authority is a HIGH PERFORMING Authority.  It is mostly due to those scores, the Housing Authority is eligible for competing for grants from Federal and State Sources. 

The Housing Authority does not discriminate against race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability 0r family status in housing or employment.  For more information on applying for Public Housing follow the instructions for Applying For Assistance.    

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